Meret Compositions

The Meret Compositions explore the arrangement of texture, surface and form through an ongoing series of works in mirror, glass and contrasting materials. The arrangement of forms and materials are to be seen as conversations between us (the designers) and art historical movements, moments in time and artists that we are most provoked by. Collaboration, juxtaposition and reductive processes are at play and each composition is firmly rooted in the arena of design, yet also offered as one-of-a-kind pieces, thus freeing each object from the weight of continued production - the result are objects that are more urgent, more loose and more experimental in hand worked qualities, while at the same time, rooted in an attention to design detail that is the foundation of our studio practice.

The Meret Compositions will be released one at a time, every several months, highlighting the series as a ongoing dialogue. They are objects that do not seek to present themselves as tangible answers, but rather make visible an evolving design conversation.

Meret Composition 1.jpg

Meret Composition #1

Antique gold mirror, Australian short-cut curly shearling, brass, rift white oak.
L 45" x W 31" x H 1.5"
One of a kind.

Meret Composition 2.jpg

Meret Composition #2

Antique gold mirror, peach mirror, peach glass, brass, rift white oak.
L 45" x W 39" x H 1.5"
One of a kind.